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Stirling Memorial Library

This is me mugging in the Stirling Memorial Library. If it looks to you from the picture like an ancient Gothic monastry, or like something out of Harry Potter, or like the back corner of an old cathedral, then you’re absolutely right.

The library is beautiful and old and ornate and has stained glass everything. Just walking around the lobby makes me feel intellectual. HOWEVER  being in Stirling makes me love Central library infinitely more than I ever have.

Firstly, there are no friendly open shelves. They have so many books they put them in different rooms according to their call numbers, and there are like, at least 4 or 5 floors of shelves and you have to climb up and down different sets of stairs to access them

Next, no nice well lit level 3 loking thing for you NUS-ies, nope, long, dark, narrow shelves greet the eye, and it is MUSTy and even DUSTY. The shelving areas are basically unlit, and you have to switch on tiny lights for each shelf that you’re looking at. So basically unlike Central where you can sort of wander into any random area and browse, that is totally not reccomended here.

The studyability of the library…well, there are little seating areas at the far ends of each row of shelves, which seat a person each (as shown). No communal, friendly study groups here. It’s reallya big contrast to any library I’ve known. I think they’ve retained the old idea of libraries as hallowed areas of learning, peopled only by doddery monks and half crazed alchemists and the like. It is *definitely* not your favourite gathering place.

It’s just a book place, really. And its good for the occasional shot of fairytaliea – when i want to feel like i’m walking around in a castle. Apparently the guy who designed it was this person whose lifelong dream was to design a cathedral, but he never got to do it, so when they asked him to design Stirling, he jumped upon the chance and produced a cathedral out of a library.

On a random note aout architecture – we like the ‘stone walls with ivy creeping up theirs sides’ look so much that someone suggested uprooting a weeny building, shipping it back to NUS and planting it somewhere in the new USP residential campus. Then we’d have our very own mini little Yale college in NUS, and in subsequent years, to save the school some money we’d just send students for NUS-in-Yale, in Yale-in-NUS.



Yes, a new york special, courtesy of Toys’r’us in Times Square – a photodocumentary entitled “Everything is bigger in New York”


As can be seen, the M&Ms are clearly larger than average – larger, in fact, than the average human, as seen from the conveniently placed human figure which can be used for scaling. I also think its really tragic how the blue M&M looks like it’s on the verge of suicide.


This one, on the other hand, looks just plain terrified.

In fact, as can be seen, most edibe items in New York tend towards largeness.

giant lolly

The lollypops are bigger….and no, its not just me. They make Christina look small too!

chris and the lolly



Candy bars are larger too! Imagine the size of bubbles youd get out of that!


It ain’t just the food – its stationary too!
Xingjian, if you’re reading this (which you’re most definitely not im sure you’re hardly aware of this blog’s existence) this is back at ya for your highlight-one-paragrap-at-a-time picture

the strange case of the strangely sized animals

awwwww.  i love the mouse.


i is sorry for not blogging. having received information about large amounts of distress having arisen as the direct result of my blogging inadequacies i shall attempt to explain myself.


weepweepsob i think its due to different voltages or something by my rechargeable batteries refuse to charge in Yale,as in New York. I tried and tried to make the batt last and used a multitude of different adaptors..but no. US hates me and my camera. So yeah i got very depressed at the fact that i couldn’t post up pictures in the blog.

But anyhow, this is a super post-dated post with pics from the central park picnic. Yep, we did the new york thing and had a picnic in central park. It was an experience in itself navigating the supermarket and trying to find picnic-y food that would satisfy a vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables, a carnivore, and a rabbit. We ended up spending 40oddUSD on pita bread wrap mustard mayo saladvegetables cheese cheese salami salami salami ham ham ham (yes, these are indicative of proportions) tuna from the deli salsa chips blueberrymuffins apple grapes.

central park

This tree is a tree in central park! There’s this big open space with massive expanses of grass where there are kids playing soccer and hockey and stuff in funny formations cos they’re all trying not to get in each others way.€

picnic food

i’m really bad at resizing pictures!! But here’s all the food that we bought. The ‘picnic blanket’ displayed in the picture is courtesy of Singapore Airlines, grin. The suspicious looking brown bottle hiding behind the luridly coloured red and green ones is this disgusting drink called Coke Zero. Which basically means CokeLight withno sugar. Or diet Diet Coke. It is bad. I don;t know if its available back home, but if it is, please, i beseech you, avoid, avoid

happy-picnicers.jpg happy picnicing people!

guess which twin! more happy picnic-ing people! guess which twin this is!! If one looks closely one will also observe a green gypsy skirt I got in someplace on thefringes of Soho for all of 15 bucks 😀

The next day we hit Times Square, and its..I don’t know how to describe it, its straight out of every hollywood disaster movie ever made, its just so larger than life, what with the flashing billboards and incredibly tall, glassy skyscrapers. It’s bewildering, and busy, and its like nothing on earth.


I must have taken a million shots at times square trying to capture the full sense of its muchness. However you’ll have to contend with this one since I’m just too lazy to resize all the pictures that I tok via Christina’s camera.


Lynnette loves the friendly yellow cabs in new york!!

(ps: im too embarassed to put the real date that im blogging so im going to post date this entry 😉

Christina and I woke up at 6 and decided that we would walk out and buy a pre-breakfast breakfast. Thus we left to the peaceful sounds of snores and teh occational grunt emanating from the blanket covered lumps that were suresh and weilong.

We walked down 2 streets in search of toasted bagels and coffee and found (gasp!) none…however we did manage to get them in the cafe next door. Pre-breakfast was black coffee with lots of raw sugar, and a massive toatsted bagel that we shared between us. Out of the goodness of our heart, we bought a bagel back for the sleepy men.

Who were in very much the state that we left them in when we walked out an hour ago. We woke them up, of course, and some very amusing conversation ensued. Here are some classic weilongisms:

Christina: We bought you coffee and bagels!!
Weilong:  mmmph
Christina: Come on! Isnt the way to a man’s heart through his stomach? *waves bagel*
Weilong: mmmphhh. The way to a man’s heart is through his pillow. *pause*
If no pillow, bolster also can….*snore*
the problem with man..and by man i mean men and women…is that they are always travelling half way around the world to experience new things, and they don’t realize that the best things in life are just before them (pause, looks up)…like the underside of the top side of a double bunk bed”

He was eventually awakened by the toxic (quote unquote) fumes of suresh’s cologne. alot a lot alot of cologne.

sleepy men with bagel

Yesterday was so exhausting i concussed at about 10 after having been awake since 3 in the morning. I woke up, blogged my uber long and picture-fied entry till about 5, checked mail and other random stuff and by 6 everyone was up and we were out by 7.

Yesterday was the day of walks.

We walked around ground zero, the financial district, city hall and the bay area till 12, then walked to chinatown, through chinatown, to mulberry street and little italy for lunch, then walked down to soho, through Soho (while watching the men shop)…then took a subway down to union square where Weilong had a blast of a time purchasing at filenes while Christina Suresh and myself wilted in the park outside. We also visited the legendary Grand Central Station with its beautiful painted ceiling and its…space,

We also managed to discover that yesterday was one of two days in the year during which a phenomenon called manhattanhenge would occur. In a fashion somewhat similar to Stonehange, on this particular day the movement of the setting sun across the sky would be exactly parallel to the direction of the streets of new york. According to the newspaper, if we found an unobstructed place to stand in we would be able to see the length of the street bathed in a golden light; according to lucas (or joses) we would also be able to see the sun descending in between the buildings.

As a result, after our already long and arduous day of walking, we persuaded our tired feet to make a final pilgrimage to the 34th street, which the paper recommended as having the best view. The plan was to find somewhere, sit down and have dinner while watching the sunset.

Well we were too busy eating. We missed the sunset. Heh the irony.And as we people watched from our cafe window it seemed that absolutely no one was paying any attention whatsoever to the sky.

Today we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Its filled with so many beautiful things it would take forever to post up pictures and descriptions of everything so I shall leave it at that. Then to Greenwich Village, where I bought old old Oasis and Tori Amos singles (and I really mean old. it’s the first time i saw wonderwall in a standalone single. like whoa) and a Van Morrison album. Fortunately, food was cheap.

We found a pub-like place called 1849 selling 20cent chicken wings, as featured below and guest starring weilong’s beer. Its 20cents per wing, and we ate 20 between the 5 of us.

cheap chicks

Weilong: “I guess this means that the chicks here are cheap”

More pictures another time 😦 i used everyone else’s camera cos i was outta batt.