Yesterday was so exhausting i concussed at about 10 after having been awake since 3 in the morning. I woke up, blogged my uber long and picture-fied entry till about 5, checked mail and other random stuff and by 6 everyone was up and we were out by 7.

Yesterday was the day of walks.

We walked around ground zero, the financial district, city hall and the bay area till 12, then walked to chinatown, through chinatown, to mulberry street and little italy for lunch, then walked down to soho, through Soho (while watching the men shop)…then took a subway down to union square where Weilong had a blast of a time purchasing at filenes while Christina Suresh and myself wilted in the park outside. We also visited the legendary Grand Central Station with its beautiful painted ceiling and its…space,

We also managed to discover that yesterday was one of two days in the year during which a phenomenon called manhattanhenge would occur. In a fashion somewhat similar to Stonehange, on this particular day the movement of the setting sun across the sky would be exactly parallel to the direction of the streets of new york. According to the newspaper, if we found an unobstructed place to stand in we would be able to see the length of the street bathed in a golden light; according to lucas (or joses) we would also be able to see the sun descending in between the buildings.

As a result, after our already long and arduous day of walking, we persuaded our tired feet to make a final pilgrimage to the 34th street, which the paper recommended as having the best view. The plan was to find somewhere, sit down and have dinner while watching the sunset.

Well we were too busy eating. We missed the sunset. Heh the irony.And as we people watched from our cafe window it seemed that absolutely no one was paying any attention whatsoever to the sky.

Today we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Its filled with so many beautiful things it would take forever to post up pictures and descriptions of everything so I shall leave it at that. Then to Greenwich Village, where I bought old old Oasis and Tori Amos singles (and I really mean old. it’s the first time i saw wonderwall in a standalone single. like whoa) and a Van Morrison album. Fortunately, food was cheap.

We found a pub-like place called 1849 selling 20cent chicken wings, as featured below and guest starring weilong’s beer. Its 20cents per wing, and we ate 20 between the 5 of us.

cheap chicks

Weilong: “I guess this means that the chicks here are cheap”

More pictures another time 😦 i used everyone else’s camera cos i was outta batt.