i is sorry for not blogging. having received information about large amounts of distress having arisen as the direct result of my blogging inadequacies i shall attempt to explain myself.


weepweepsob i think its due to different voltages or something by my rechargeable batteries refuse to charge in Yale,as in New York. I tried and tried to make the batt last and used a multitude of different adaptors..but no. US hates me and my camera. So yeah i got very depressed at the fact that i couldn’t post up pictures in the blog.

But anyhow, this is a super post-dated post with pics from the central park picnic. Yep, we did the new york thing and had a picnic in central park. It was an experience in itself navigating the supermarket and trying to find picnic-y food that would satisfy a vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables, a carnivore, and a rabbit. We ended up spending 40oddUSD on pita bread wrap mustard mayo saladvegetables cheese cheese salami salami salami ham ham ham (yes, these are indicative of proportions) tuna from the deli salsa chips blueberrymuffins apple grapes.

central park

This tree is a tree in central park! There’s this big open space with massive expanses of grass where there are kids playing soccer and hockey and stuff in funny formations cos they’re all trying not to get in each others way.ā‚¬

picnic food

i’m really bad at resizing pictures!! But here’s all the food that we bought. The ‘picnic blanket’ displayed in the picture is courtesy of Singapore Airlines, grin. The suspicious looking brown bottle hiding behind the luridly coloured red and green ones is this disgusting drink called Coke Zero. Which basically means CokeLight withno sugar. Or diet Diet Coke. It is bad. I don;t know if its available back home, but if it is, please, i beseech you, avoid, avoid

happy-picnicers.jpg happy picnicing people!

guess which twin! more happy picnic-ing people! guess which twin this is!! If one looks closely one will also observe a green gypsy skirt I got in someplace on thefringes of Soho for all of 15 bucks šŸ˜€

The next day we hit Times Square, and its..I don’t know how to describe it, its straight out of every hollywood disaster movie ever made, its just so larger than life, what with the flashing billboards and incredibly tall, glassy skyscrapers. It’s bewildering, and busy, and its like nothing on earth.


I must have taken a million shots at times square trying to capture the full sense of its muchness. However you’ll have to contend with this one since I’m just too lazy to resize all the pictures that I tok via Christina’s camera.


Lynnette loves the friendly yellow cabs in new york!!

(ps: im too embarassed to put the real date that im blogging so im going to post date this entry šŸ˜‰