Yes, a new york special, courtesy of Toys’r’us in Times Square – a photodocumentary entitled “Everything is bigger in New York”


As can be seen, the M&Ms are clearly larger than average – larger, in fact, than the average human, as seen from the conveniently placed human figure which can be used for scaling. I also think its really tragic how the blue M&M looks like it’s on the verge of suicide.


This one, on the other hand, looks just plain terrified.

In fact, as can be seen, most edibe items in New York tend towards largeness.

giant lolly

The lollypops are bigger….and no, its not just me. They make Christina look small too!

chris and the lolly



Candy bars are larger too! Imagine the size of bubbles youd get out of that!


It ain’t just the food – its stationary too!
Xingjian, if you’re reading this (which you’re most definitely not im sure you’re hardly aware of this blog’s existence) this is back at ya for your highlight-one-paragrap-at-a-time picture

the strange case of the strangely sized animals

awwwww.  i love the mouse.